See how your agent uses ModelWire to work for you

With Imaging, your agents can:

  • Upload unlimited images, polaroids, and video
  • Send unlimited packages/submissions to clients
  • Manage and edit your bio
  • Edit your portfolio instantly
  • Give you access to your billing history

What is ModelWire?

ModelWire is the premier online model promotion and management system used every day by some of the most prestigious agencies in the business. ModelWire is powered by Casting Networks International, the most reliable and comprehensive casting software of choice for casting professionals worldwide.

What does this mean for you?

ModelWire offers your agents a suite of tools to promote you through multiple channels to ensure maximum exposure. In short, ModelWire equals more opportunity for you.

With Web Booking, your agents can:

  • Track contacts, schedules, and invoices
  • Send job info directly to you
  • Send invoices directly to clients
  • Book you out when you are unavailable
  • Track packages

How do I join ModelWire?

Represented Models

If you’re a represented model, chances are your agent has already created a ModelWire portfolio for you and uses it every day to submit you for work.

Models Seeking Representation

If you’re seeking representation, we encourage you to join ModelWIre Network today. ModelWire Network is the ONLY online modeling community that is linked directly to ModelWire agents—that means that ModelWire agencies have direct access to scout you 24/7.

In addition to getting scouted, ModelWire Network also gives you the chance to interact with models and artists in the fashion industry and collaborate on projects to build your modeling portfolio. Open a free account on ModelWire Network today to get seen, get connected, and get to work.

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